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What is the Lasso Healthcare Medicare Advantage MSA?

A high-deductible health plan plus a special medical savings account. We deposit money from Medicare into your account. You decide how to spend, save and/or invest the funds. You are responsible for expenses until you reach the plan deductible, then we pay 100% of additional Medicare A/B expenses incurred. Any funds remaining at year-end belong to you and roll over to the next year. It’s your money, your choice.

A Combination of Features Unique to Medicare Advantage (MA)

  • Only Medicare Advantage plan to give…and grow…money
  • No network – see any Medicare provider
  • Enhanced tax-free expense coverage

Earn up to $250 in Gift Card Rewards!

Our For Your Health program rewards you for seeking smart, preventive care. Complete our three preventive health activities and earn up to $250 in gift card rewards to major brands like Amazon, Walmart and more, or a Visa® prepaid card.
You can use MSA funds tax-free on preventive services, and those services count toward your plan deductible.

Your 2020 Plan Amounts

As enrollment is generally for a full calendar year, the plan deposit and deductible amounts shown are full year amounts. Both are prorated $270/month for any enrollment or disenrollment happening within the calendar year. If you leave the plan before the end of the calendar year, you will owe a prorated portion of the current year’s deposit amount back to Lasso Healthcare.

Using Your MSA Funds

Part D & Ancillary Coverages

Don’t forget to select a standalone Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, and any other limited benefit policies to fully customize coverage for your specific needs. Your MSA funds can be used to pay for items such as the plan copays, coinsurance and deductibles, tax-free.


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