A wealth of experience to help guide you to your best insurance choices.

Jim Mshar, Founder and Licensed Agent

Jim Mshar, founder of Senior Solutions, is now using his 50 years of professional experience by creating an agency that will help seniors with their problems, whether it is financial, personal or insurance related. The driving force behind his entire career has been to try to help other people. He is now passing this legacy of service and guidance to the next generation of insurance professionals through the development of Senior Solutions. The main goal of keeping the agency client focused will be obtained by constantly teaching fundamentals to clients so they can make their own educated decisions.

Kathy Grant, Licensed Agent

Kathy Grant enjoys the insurance world as she gets to help with the practical, financial side of the medical world and help people sort through all of their options. She says there are continuous changes to the healthcare field and she is glad that companies are moving towards helping people find healthy lifestyles, not just treat illness.

Having lived throughout the United States – midwest, east coast and west coast and traveling throughout the world, Kathy now calls Sahuarita/Green Valley home. Prior to moving to Arizona she was the manager of a retreat center in Colorado and also has extensive business experience in international economics, business consulting and headhunting before exploring the more spiritual side of life after a move to San Diego. Kathy says that this area seems like a perfect place with a small enough community you could feel like part of the neighborhood but with enough amenities nearby to make it convenient.